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The band is back together

Lake Hattie helped us create some memories. Some good, some not as good. We learned that the rocket fireworks with the large wax wicks just blow up in your face when lit. We learned that this location is either VERY windy or clouded with swarming hungry mosquitoes. We’re learning how […]

Memorial Day and moving

We spent most of the day moving and sorting and organizing and getting rid of ancillary items as we could. But it was also Memorial Day, so we spent time talking with each other and the kids about what it all means. Eric is a really effective teacher. I knew […]

The multiple uses of a bus

This bus thing has really come in handy. Used it to move from one storage unit to another and Joe and Ethan were having more fun than they should being trapped with a bunch of stuff in the bus. Never mind all the blurry pictures of Ethan…he thrives on me […]

Meet Chief

I was inspired by somone in the RV community who pulls their rig with a converted bus. Out of curiousity, I got on the ole Google and searched away. Somehow down the rabbit hole I stumbled upon a government auction site. I registered, not thinking I was qualified to do […]